31 Practices for the Busy Mom


I want 2017 to be a year much like the last: striving, failing, getting back up.

Its unrealistic to think that just because it’s a new year I can suddenly be transformed into a new person. No one is made new apart from the work that God’s Spirit does, and even then He designs that “newness” to be revealed to you moment by moment. So it is with each year. Moment by moment we become “new”.
Each minute we are “new”.
Each hour. Day. Week. Month.
Every time we choose to walk down the path we desire, we are making ourselves “new”. This year, 2017, I am going to focus on a different path each month. Trying to create and maintain good habits that propel you into that newness you desire is often hard, and can be compounded in difficulty when you add other people to the mix, be it children, spouse, live-in friends/family, etc.
So, to help you and me create lasting habits in some of the most beneficial ways, we are going to start 2017 off with a whole month dedicated to…


It may seem like a peculiar thing to start the year off with, but the practice of “yoga” or mind/body/soul exercise can be amazingly beneficial for helping you succeed throughout the year.
Some of the top new year goals are to get fit and be more present. Now yoga may not be the most intense cross-fit work out you’ve ever done, and you most certainly wont drop 40lbs by February, but you WILL create an exercise routine that will encourage continual weight loss/toning as well as mental awareness that carries into your every day life.

I have done my own yoga practice for five years as well as reading numerous books and attending classes with some of the (I think)best instructors, and while I am NOT a Yoga Teacher and I do NOT have any formal training, I can guide you through my daily practice and give you encouraging words as you do your own.*

Each of my practices will be from the perspective of a practicing Christian, so there will be Christ-centered themes throughout each day as well as some information on the poses.
Because I am a dang busy mom, I am going to keep them brief and to the point, trying to make them very doable for the person who has only a few minutes every day to dedicate to self-care.

PLEASE DONT MISS A DAY! Even if you don’t practice with me, PRACTICE. The best way to create a lasting habit is through repetition. Don’t make excuses. DO IT. We make time for what we love most. Love yourself. Make some time.

(I know I said 31 practices, and I DID do some yoga today, I just couldn’t record it.)
**I am not a certified yoga instructor and have no certified schooling on the subject. I am only a yogi by practice and will only share what I have learned on my journey. If you at any time feel any sensation that is new to you, then seek medical attention if you are feeling concerned. Yoga has been known to cause serious injury if not practiced safely(as ALL things in life are known to do). Proceed with joining me and my practice at your own risk!