A Part of My Story

In honor of #ThrowbackThursday I thought I would make my first post a GIANT throwback to how it all started.
In my mothers womb.

Just kidding! That would be weird. Also, I have no idea what went on in there, thank God.

But I would like to give you a glimpse into how I came to be who I am and the people who helped me get here.

My parents were young when they started having kiddos. Around 17 and 19, if memory serves me right. I came along second, which would put my mom right around…..20?

I grew up eating a lot of “make-it-yourself” nights and being told that “the crust is the healthiest part of your bread.”
We ate white bread, ya’ll. There IS no healthy part!
Not that I minded, for the most part my dad worked really hard to provide what he could for a family of six. We were grateful for what we had(and by that I mean we complained all the time and wanted to eat cereal all the time). We never really questioned the integrity of what we were eating or the impact our lives were having on our environment.

So NO, I did not grow up with a healthy-food-non-GMO-use-paper-bags-not-plastic family. OR a minimalistic family. My mom ALWAYS tried to get us to get rid of our excess but we never would, because hey, you never know when you might need that pile of random strings! And for my dad, a lot of his good memories were connected to different items he had, so he felt like he should keep it all.

I was a hoarder. Hardcore. Like, I was the person who kept that half gone jawbreaker from church camp 6 years ago because……dude. I don’t even know why. Looking back its kind of grossing me out. But hey, it was my life!
“You just never know when you might need that” was my motto. And that one time I DID throw away a pile of strings, the next day my dad asked if anyone had some string he could use!!!!! From then on, I knew I needed to keep every scrap of ‘usable’ material. For the sake of the people I loved.

As I grew older and moved out on my own, I came to a full awareness of how much I owned. My parents are not the type of parents that want to be their kids’ storage unit forever, which at the time seemed super inconvenient and selfish of them. I mean, they housed me for 18 years, how could they not want to house my stuff for the next 18?!
I see now what a gift it really was to me and I feel pity for all the people who DO get away with storing their stuff at their parents.

You never realize the immensity of your useless possessions until you are responsible to take them with you wherever you go.

Over the past 6 years I have moved 12 times.

And that is what birthed my inner desires for healhty, minimalistic life. I know those desires were always there, I truly believe they are there in each person, but as with so many things in life you don’t realize what is hiding inside until some crucible draws it out of you.
If you have not already had that milestone moment, make this the start of that new chapter for you. My minimalist journey started off very slowly. At the time I didn’t even realize I was chasing it. But I was. And I believe you are as well. Look  back at where you came from and visualize where you want to be. Enjoy the change. Be proud of it!


Top Left to Top Right: Uncle Ro, Dad, Mom. Bottom Left to Bottom Right: Older Sis, Pops, Cousin Lauren, Gramma Lupe, Younger Sis, Me!


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